Who Knew Seagulls Were Protected? 

$124 doesn't seem steep enough to be a deterrent.

A seagull was recently kicked at a New Hampshire beach, and it’s caused quite a kerfuffle. After the kicker was shamed on Facebook, he claimed it was an accident, and witnesses backed him up. Nevertheless, because the bird is protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, said kicker has been hit with a $124 fine by New Hampshire’s Fish and Game Department.

The entire goofy story is available here, but what really got me was this quote near the end:

  • As for the seagull, Eastman said a woman picked it up and brought it to the lifeguards but they told her to leave it alone. The bird then bit her and a child, Eastman said.

This really cracked me up. How did it manage to bite both the woman and a child?!

I’ll actually be running a road relay to this very beach tomorrow. It seems I’ll need to watch for vicious gulls.