I Hope Someone Signs This Dog

Good dog!

The “Alliance of American Football” is, apparently, a professional football league in America which now plays during the NFL off-season. The AAF was actually inspired by the XFL, which famously crashed and burned after a single season. However, in just its third week, the AAF has already provided more quality entertainment than the XFL ever did. I haven’t seen any actual games, but thanks to J.C. Carnahan, I have now seen an 83-yard completion to a dog.1

The perfect lunge

That is quite a catch. You might also be thinking that it’s an impressive toss, and it is. Still, given how long the dog was waiting for the Frisbee to come down, it’s clear that this unnamed canine is being held back by the thrower. Hopefully someone can pair this pooch with someone like David Wiggins Jr., who can chuck a disc over 350 yards, and they can really shatter some records.


  1. The video is archived here. ↩︎