Water, Water, Everywhere 

It's probably better to make a reasonable guess than ti look like an ignorant fool.

Speaking of dogs in the snow, an Oregon dog and her owner recently found themselves trapped in a snowbound SUV. CNN’s article on the incident has a few problems, however. It opens thusly:

The snow trapped Jeremy R. Taylor, but taco sauce saved his life.

And yet later, it correctly notes:

A person can live five days without water and six weeks without food, according to the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

The taco sauce may have provided marginal assistance, but ultimately, it was largely irrelevant to survival in question here. However, the line that really gets me is this one:

It is not clear how he, or the dog, got water.

Yes, sitting in a vehicle surrounded by snow as far as the eye could see, where on earth might they have found any source of water? Where oh where?