I Really Want to Know Why “TUNAFSH” Got Rejected 

Vanity plates are big and amusing business.

In California, approximately a quarter of a million vanity license plates are requested each year, and a small team of bureaucrats is responsible for approving or rejecting those requests. Each applicant must include an explanation as to why they’re requesting this plate. Los Angeles Magazine has collected some of the most amusing plate requests, as well as the notes from the DMV employee who review it.

A plate reading Oh En Double-U 2 Be Why Be

Applicant Explanation: On my way to bang your bitch

DMV Comments: What he said

Verdict: No

Come on, man, at least try! An explanation of “On my way to baby” would have worked, and almost certainly gotten this stupid plate.

Also, a side note: The article’s introduction includes this strange text:

Helpful departmental guidelines also warn reviewers to watch out for words like “pink,” “monkey,” and “muffin”—all euphemisms for vagina—along with their phallic counterparts like “knackers,” “anaconda,” and “nards.”

I have never, ever heard “monkey” used as a euphemism for vagina. Have you?