Recent Snippets

Hopefully, these things will also make you laugh.

Today, a brief collection of things I recently read that made me laugh!

That Was the Problem in the First Place, Roy

A short note on Roy Moore taking another run at the Senate in Alabama included this gem:

Roy Moore, the 2017 Republican nominee for Senate in Alabama who lost the race after being accused of sexual misconduct, announced on Thursday he’s running again…When asked what he’ll do differently in his campaign this time, Moore said he would “make more personal contact with people.” Moore was accused of sexual assault and of pursuing sexual relationships with teenagers while in his 30s.

Whether it was intentional or not, props to the writer for placing that quote where they did.

It’s Real, and It’s Spectacularly Awful

While reading some restaurant news, I saw the following quote:

…the owner of dumpling-centered catering business Dumps-A-GoGo

Believe it or not, that is a real business, with a website and everything.

A Rabbit Does Not Need To Fly With You

Finally, in terrible people possibly getting what they deserve, we have the case of Congressman Duncan Hunter. He and his wife appear to have misspent hundreds of thousands of campaign funds. Now, prosecutors have flipped his wife, and she’s testifying against her guilty-as-sin husband. As part of that, we got this headline:

Duncan Hunter’s wife admits she bought plane ride for pet bunny with campaign funds

My initial thought on reading this was that she’d taken the rabbit on a sightseeing trip, possibly for its birthday. A closer reading indicates that the spending was to fly the rabbit on a commercial airliner, at a cost of $500. That would be a goofy use of one’s own money, but when you’re illegally spending campaign funds in that fashion, it becomes one of the stupidest crimes I can fathom.

In closing, the bunny’s name is “Eggburt”.