I’ve Said It Before, Costco Is Just Not Using Good Printers

Here's a post for all of you who clamored for a higher-quality version of my dumb Costco face.

Back in June, I wrote about embracing the glorious imperfection of a terrible photo of oneself. By way of an example, I showed off my ridiculously terrible Costco ID photograph, once again seen here:


Last month, Costco joined the future, allowing customers to present a digital version of their ID via their iPhone. I figured this could reduce the number of cards I need to carry, so I set it up. Little did I know that this would provide me with a much higher-quality version of my ID photo:


Despite my being a member for just a few years, the photograph appears to have been taken with a ’90s-era webcam. Still, compared to the physical version, this pic is practically high-definition. The addition of color really brings out the dumbness of my face. My favorite detail, however, is just how askew the backdrop is. You can even see the cement wall behind it! This one dumb snap continues to pay dividends, and I couldn’t be more delighted.