Today’s the Day the Ratlickers Have Their Party 

I'm really “over” this type of stupidity.

Last weekend, a man named George Gerez decided to host a party in a hotel suite, complete with a live DJ. Beyond the fact that a hotel room party is a bad idea both generally and especially during a pandemic, Massachusetts currently has a 25 person limit on indoor gatherings. The party was better attended than that, and eventually, the state police arrived to shut things down. That should’ve been the end of it, but rather than just saying “No comment”, Gerez opted to speak to a reporter. He expressed that he felt it was “kind of unjust what happened” (it wasn’t), and went on to state:

“I know there’s a pandemic going on and all that, but we’re so deep into the pandemic, it’s been like six or seven months now, and a lot of people are kind of over it at this point,” Gerez said.

Firstaball, lockdowns in the US began in March, which is just five months ago. I’ll grant that it often feels a lot longer, but “six or seven months” is just a lousy estimate. More important, however, is that second statement. “A lot of people are kind of over it at this point”. Yeah, I’m “over it” too, if by “it” we’re referring to selfish people doing things that prolong the problem for the entire country.

Violators could face a fine of $500. Gerez said he and his friends have yet to receive a fine, but they would not have a problem paying it.

“My friends and I can come up with $500 to pay a fine” is, uh, quite the flex.