Help Get Out the Vote, With Vote Forward 

You can help get us out of our present dystopian hellscape

American’s general election is just over two months away, and if you’re an American citizen, your voice should be heard. If you’re not registered to vote, or if you’re unsure of your current status, visit

Once you’re ready to vote, why not encourage others to vote as well? This year, I’ve been writing letters with Vote Forward, to encourage people to exercise their right to vote.

[Photo courtesy of P. Kafasis]

I’m working to get to 100 letters, and I’m now more than halfway to that goal. You can send as few as five letters, though, so the barrier to entry is very low.

Sometimes it can feel difficult to know just what you can do to make things better in this world. Working with Vote Forward to get out the vote is a concrete action you can take, and I hope you will. Visit to sign up and get started.