Getting Into Blaseball 

Blaseball is weird, and that's great.

Earlier this year, I heard about a hot new game: blaseball, an online riff on baseball. However, when I couldn’t figure out if it was pronounced blace (rhymes-with-place) ball or blasé (as-in-apathetic) ball, I moved on.

Recently, friend-of-the-site Alex S. sent along a couple useful links about the game. To start, what exactly is blaseball?

Blaseball is an online, alternate reality, surrealist fantasy baseball game. At the same time, it is not any of those things at all. The game transforms week-to-week, and while it models itself after America’s favorite pastime, it’s slowly getting further and further away from the sport.

That answer comes from Polygon’s useful blaseball Q&A, which is worth a read. Intrigued, and want more? Here’s a video covering the weirdness in even more depth. It’s really quite something.

I haven’t yet really had the time to partake in blaseball’s extreme weirdness, but after reading about it, I strongly support the absurdity. The MLB season will be over by next Wednesday, but the next blaseball season starts very soon.