It’s His Loss 

And now, his gain.

In July of 2020, Justin Fernandes was struck by a hit-and-run motorcyclist, and lost his right leg. After many emails and phone calls, he now has an unusual memento:

the articulated bones of his lost limb, a testament to the struggles he went through in a year unlike any other.

It is apparently not at all easy to get your own dismembered body part back. The process required hundreds of emails and dozens of phone calls, but with help from the Prehistoria Natural History Centre, Justin Fernandes has been reunited with his leg.

Some might find this morbid, or disturbing. For them, Fernandes has a simple message.

“You grieve however you feel is the right way to grieve. It’s your loss.”

I like this alternate use of “your loss”. I also like his unique coping mechanism.