Ripphy Dabyah to You!

On the anniversary of your birth, anyhow.

Recently, because it was my birthday, I received a digital birthday card.1 This card had a fun balloon theme, and featured some excellent animated confetti cannons as well. As I always say, digital confetti is the best confetti, because you don’t have to clean it up.

In addition, it contained some fun new ways to celebrate someone on the occasion of their birth. “Happy Birthday” is just a little worn out, you know? Why not:


Or perhaps:


If that seems too far off the original message, you might like:


All of these alternatives offer a fun way to spice things up.2 In 2021, I’ll be wishing everyone a “Ripphy Dabyah” on their special days.


  1. I actually received three different e-cards, and they were all sent by folks aged 69 or older. I’m not sure what it means that only senior citizens have adopted digital greeting cards, but I do find it notable. Also notable is that two of the three cards came from, a wonderful business created by accident at the turn of the century by a woman who is now in her mid-70s. ↩︎

  2. If you’re wondering why they all lack a letter “T”, well, that gets filled in by a laggard balloon at the end of the card. ↩︎