A Bathtub With a View 

A golf simulator room. Ugh.

To gain access to New York City’s most exclusive real estate listings, artist Andi Schmied pretended to be a billionaire. It was quite a trip.

‘The most special thing’ was always the same,” Schmied says. “You’ve never seen Chinchilla Mink marble like this,’ she explains, imitating an eager realtor. “‘It’s the greatest in the world, from the quarry where Michelangelo’s David was carved.’ And then the next apartment would have Calacatta Tucci marble counters, ‘the best in the world.’ Sometimes it was even the same agent talking to me in both places, just a few hours apart.”

Now, it’s a send-up of luxury real estate itself, with Schmied turning the whole thing into a book called “Private Views”.