Zappos Is for Fashion Plates

Do you suppose it's possible trends don't actually change overnight?

Here’s something I spotted recently on a box from

A box reading “Trends change overnight. That's why we have next day shipping.”

The sentiment here is essentially “We’ll get you your shoes fast, because they’ll be out of style soon!”. That doesn’t make me want to buy shoes!

Still, let us pretend that we buy into what Zappos is pitching. Specifically, they’re saying that a person should keep up with all the very latest trends, that what’s in fashion can change in the matter of a single day, and that one should never wear clothing that’s gone out of style. If all that is so, wouldn’t a package arriving tomorrow be too late?

If Zappo’s offered same day shipping, this would at least make a small amount of sense. You could get one day of use out of your new shoes before they became so passé that you wouldn’t be caught dead in them. As it stands, however, I’m going to order today, the trend is going to change overnight, and I’m going to have to place the package directly in the garbage. What a waste.