Ups, Downs, and Vulgar Graffiti 

Alas, I have thus far been unable to find an image of the skidmark penises in question.

In the city of Topeka, Kansas, there’s an unusual problem with Bird scooters.

Topekans are using the public-share Bird scooters to make vulgar graffiti.

The tires of the scooters can make skidmarks, and some riders are using them to draw penises on sidewalks. They are doing it at a level that Bird hasn’t seen elsewhere.

“We just haven’t seen that in other markets,” said Adam Davis, government partnership manager for Bird. “I personally don’t know why somebody would find entertainment in destructing property like that.”

I don’t know if someone actually crunched the numbers and told Davis “Topeka is out of control with the skidmark penises!”, but I like to imagine they did.