Reframing the Options When It Comes to Vaccine Skepticism 

Skeptics may not like any of their options, but the science-based one sure seems to be superior.

I recently read a smart reframing of the debate when it comes to COVID-19 vaccines, intended to counter vaccine skepticism. In short, everyone is going to get vaccinated against COVID. Would you rather be vaccinated by a scientifically developed, widely tested vaccine that has proven itself to be incredibly safe, or by the virus itself, which has killed millions of people?

[A]ll of us are going to get vaccinated one way or the other. Sooner or later…people who don’t take one of the approved vaccines will get the virus. They might think of that as an alternative to vaccination, but it’s not. The virus will do the same thing the vaccines do: It will provoke their immune systems to develop antibodies. The difference is that the virus, unlike the vaccines, will attack their bodies and quite possibly kill them.

An abrupt vaccination entirely against your will is not the way to go.