Now That’s a Conversation Piece 

It's both a grower AND a show-er.

What does one do when a hand-crafted table has a rather unfortunate penis-shaped knot, and is rejected by the customer for whom it was created?

A naturally-occurring, very phallic, wood knot

For one British carpentry shop, the answer is “Auction off raffle tickets for the table, raising thousands of dollars to fight testicular, prostate, and penile cancers”. If you’re in the UK, you can get a ticket for just £2. If you’re wondering if the piece will fit in your space, it measures 76 cm (~30 in) tall, 150 cm (~59 in) wide and 85 cm (~33 in) deep, and seats four to six.

The phallic knot, measured with ameasuring tape

Meanwhile, the penis knot measures 8 cm (~3 in) long.