Mr. Goxx the Crypto Trading Hamster 

Tuesday, September 14th, 2021

Sure, why shouldn’t a hamster trade cryptocurrencies? Meet Mr. Goxx, the world’s richest crypto hamster, probably.

Goxx’s trading office (attached to his habitat) is hooked up to a computer that allows the hamster to trade crypto.

He selects one of around 30 cryptocurrencies by running in his “intention wheel.” Goxx then travels through one of two decision tunnels.

Goxx’s buy tunnel purchases €20 ($23.60) of the selected crypto. The sell tunnel liquidates the entire position.

The execution on this is really just tremendous. Here’s Mr. Goxx’s office:

The best part is that thus far, this ridiculous random number generator of a hamster gets results. Since he started trading just three months ago, he’s up almost 30%.

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