Bill Gross Is Gross 

Honestly, why does a billionaire even have neighbors?

For some time, I’ve been following the feud between billionaire Bill Gross and his (presumably millionaire) neighbor Mark Towfiq. It’s an amazing, insane, petty mess, and one that’s not easily summarized. It involves a dispute that began over an expensive lawn sculpture, and has grown to encompass all manner of childish behavior. You can read a longer rundown from the end of last year.

I don’t know if Towfiq is a jerk, but it’s pretty clear that Bill Gross is. Now, he’s finally suffering the smallest of consequences for his actions: As a result of a Gross “flagrantly” violating a restoring order and being found in contempt of court, he must now do two days of community service. That’s in lieu of five days in actual jail. And yet, predictably, he and his lawyers are fighting that too.

…Patricia Glaser, [one] of the attorneys representing Gross, told the judge that the ruling was “draconian.”

Two days of community service! Ms. Glaser, I don’t think that word means what you think it means.