New Jersey’s New Jersey Says “Jersey”

Do you think the Brooklyn Nets’ nets are labeled “net”?

When done well, an alternate jersey can be a fun change of pace for a sports team and their fans. When done poorly, well, it can at least be a source of amusement and mockery. In the National Hockey League, teams all have two jerseys, for home and away. Nearly all teams also have an alternate third jersey for fun, for special occasions, and of course, for the purpose of selling more merchandise to fans.

After nearly 50 years in the NHL, that group finally includes the New Jersey Devils, which leads to this amusing and true sentence: New Jersey’s new jerseys are their first third jerseys. Those just-unveiled new jerseys land somewhere in the middle of the quality spectrum, neither great nor comical. Have a look:

On the one hand, the black is a really good look. On the other, the stripes (one for each of New Jersey’s 21 counties) wind up looking excessive in number. The elephant in the room, however, is the fact that this a uniform top that literally labels itself. It’s a jersey that says “Jersey”, and that has already led to plenty of lampooning since the update leaked this past weekend.

As someone who spent his formative years living in the Garden State, I’d have loved to have seen them say “Jerz”, or even better, “Dirty Jerz”. As it stands, however, it’s a little on the nose.