A Giant Rebar Silhouette of a Chicken 

“Wild Burmese Chickens in Georgia” sounds like a 1950's B movie.

It’s a story about a chicken, not a turkey, but it’ll do for this Thanksgiving day. In the town of Fitzgerald, Georgia, Jim Puckett is the soon-to-be former mayor. He got demolished in his recent campaign for re-election, with 95% of voters voting against him. Why? Well, it seems certain he lost at least a few votes because he spent almost $300,000 of the town’s money building an as-yet-incomplete giant topiary chicken that will serve as a rentable Airbnb.

OK, so you’ve got the chicken almost built. What if the new mayor decides he’s going to have it put down?

He won’t do that…. If he did, then, I mean, there’s nothing I could do then. That would be tragic. It would kill me, but that’s the new administration’s problem.

He’s already said that we’re definitely too much into the chicken to not finish it.

Today, I’m thankful for friend-of-the-site Ya’ir A., who shared this with me, and has a great sense of what makes a story perfect for OFT.