Heckuva Job, Dining Algorithm

I do a pretty good job of unsubscribing from nonsense, but it never stops completely.

Long ago, I signed up for JetBlue’s “TrueBlue Dining” program, which doles out a few frequent flier miles when I pay via credit card at certain restaurants. These rewards are sporadic and random, but it’s all free, so why not?

Recently, I got some food from a small pizza joint called Hot Box, which can be found on the web at EatHotBox.com. Risky click!

Anyhow, a few days after enjoying those slices, I received the following in my inbox:

Greetings, Human. We are aware that you ate <PIZZA>. Here are some <PIZZA> restaurants in your state of <MASSACHUSETTS>.

This useless email contained a list of 16 different pizza places, only 1 of which I’d ever even heard of before, and most of which were quite some distance from me. I live in downtown Boston, and I have dozens of pizza shops within a 15 minute radius. I don’t know who this braindead recommendation would help, but it isn’t me.