There Are a Lot of Regrets, Dave 

It seems like a lot of money for two planes.

In 2018, Boeing signed a deal with then-President Donald Trump’s government to provide new 747-8s to serve as presidential transports. Somehow, this deal was set to pay the corporation an astonishing $4 billion for two Air Force Ones.1. Even more astonishing, Boeing is now projecting that they’ll lose $1.1 billion on it.

I am shocked, shocked to find that a deal with Donald Trump is turning out poorly for everyone involved.


  1. I suspect many of my readers already know this, but “Air Force One” is not actually a specific plane. While it’s frequently used to refer to the plane most commonly used by the president, “Air Force One” is actually the call sign used for any US Air Force plane when it’s ferrying the president. Likewise, “Marine One” refers to any US Marine Corps aircraft (usually a helicopter) with the president on board. ↩︎