The Micturater in Black 

Black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow

In recent years, the small town of Kingsland, Arkansas has built a brand around being the birthplace of country music legend Johnny Cash. As part of that effort, a large depiction of Cash was painted on the town’s water tower. Last week, with a well-placed shot, a vandal turned that from a simple drawing into an impressive performance art piece.

A large water tower with a drawing of Johnn Cash that has a leak from the crotch, making it appear he's micturating

Yes, the shooter fired a bullet into the crotch of Cash’s silhouette, causing the water tower to take spring a massive leak.

[Kingsland water office manager Betty] Graham estimated the city was losing an estimated 30,000 gallons of water each day from the leak at an estimated cost of about $200 per day.

The necessary repairs cost about $5000 more. I can’t support vandalism that winds up costing a small town thousands of dollars. That said, I certainly can laugh about it.