“Louis vs. Rick” Is Gone but Not Forgotten 

Caps Lock is still how I feel inside a lot of the time.

Way back in 2011, I linked to friend-of-the-site Shane Cyr’s “Louis vs. Rick”, which told the story of a man who taught his cat to use instant messaging. In 2015, I bid the series adieu, as it ended its run. Now, some seven and a half years later, Shane has written the definitive history of “Louis vs. Rick”, and it’s a delightful read. It’s also an interesting look at something that perhaps almost got really, really big, but ultimately didn’t. And that’s OK.

Whether you’ve known “Louis vs. Rick” for years or it’s all new to you, I’ll make the same recommendation I’ve made twice before: read the too-short series in its entirety. Here’s a link to episode 1.