What’s Bad for the Goose Is Bad for the Gander 

It’s probably also time for a new national motto.

Last year, Texas passed a terrible law requiring public schools to display posters which contain the US national motto of “In God We Trust”.

[U]nder a new law, Texas public schools are required to hang posters emblazoned with “In God We Trust” if someone donates a poster or framed copy to a campus.

Gee, how might that go wrong for the Christians seeking to force their religion on others?

A student group fighting for change in the district, the Southlake Anti-Racism Coalition, labeled the donations a “blatant intrusion of religion in what should be a secular public institution.”

So coalition members designed an array of alternate posters that included the motto in other languages and with rainbow lettering. Members of the LGBTQ community use the rainbow flag in pride-related events.

Krishna presented the posters — one written in Arabic, the others with rainbows — near the start of Monday night’s meeting.

Ah, yes, that’s how.