Scott Frost’s Extra $7.5 Million 

Keep your money, Nebraska alums. You can manage it better than they can.

Scott Frost is the now-former coach of Nebraska’s football team. After 4+ seasons of poor performance, he was fired on Sunday. You shouldn’t feel too bad for him, however, because he’s getting $15 million dollars to not coach Nebraska football. You and I are over here doing that for free, like chumps!

The details of Frost’s contract are both ridiculous and tedious. The bottom line, however, is straight-forward: By firing Frost on September 11 rather than October 1, Nebraska owes him $15 million instead of “just” $7.5 million.

By firing Frost on Sept. 11, the Huskers are now required to pay him a hefty $15 million buyout. That sum would have been cut by 50% had Nebraska waited to fire Frost until Oct. 1. However, Alberts opted to foot the bill ahead of the program’s marquee showdown against Oklahoma next weekend in Lincoln, Nebraska.

One reason college football coaches are paid such disgustingly large sums of money is that the programs generate substantial revenue for the schools, including via donations from alumni. Were I a Nebraska alum, however, I’d damn sure not be donating after they blew $7.5 million by not waiting three weeks to fire their coach on what is sure to be a bad season anyway.