Orange Businesses

“I’m really into fitness - fitness whole cup of froyo in my mouth.”

The Bowls Cheez-It aren’t the only confusing orange things to discuss this week. America has two franchises which I perpetually conflate: “Orange Leaf” and “Orangetheory”. The former is chain of fitness studios started in Florida, while the latter is self-serve frozen yogurt by way of Oklahoma.

Orange Leaf Fitness

Orangetheory Frozen Yogurt

Hmm, or is it the reverse?

Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt

Orangetheory Fitness

Like the Gorton’s or Gordon’s fisherman, I can simply never be sure. It is my hope that this post will cause my confusion to spread to others. I also hope that I don’t get a cease and desist letter from Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt (or Fitness), nor one from Orangetheory Fitness (or Frozen Yogurt).