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Update or else

Over at my day job, we always encourage our customers to use the latest versions of our software, which have the latest bug fixes and newest features. We pretty much always think of the latest as the greatest version yet. Still, much as we might wish we could, we never force updates on users.

Thus, arresting people for failing to update seems more than a little harsh.

Albanian prosecutors on Wednesday asked for the house arrest of five public employees they blame for not protecting the country from a cyberattack by alleged Iranian hackers.

Prosecutors said the five IT officials of the public administration department had failed to check the security of the system and update it with the most recent antivirus software.

Still, though it seemed strange at first blush, it’s not unreasonable to argue that keeping security software up-to-date was part of the job. The legal concept of “duty” can, and should, cover many things. In the modern world, that might include updating software.