This Ladder’s Durability Is Immediately Called Into Question

Perhaps this is an epically shoddy ladder.

Recently, I was shopping online for a step ladder, as one does. I came across a product listing which featured an adult man playing at being a construction worker while point a drill at the sky is if intending to shoot off some celebratory gunfire:

A man cosplaying as a construction worker next to the ladder in question

This Delxo (Dell-Zoh? Dell-Ex-Oh?) step ladder has all the features you could want, from “anti-slip rubber feet” to a “comfy & safe handgrip”. But when you buy it on Amazon, you also get another great feature: the ability to subscribe and save!

A “subscribe & save” option for a freaking ladder.

Sure! You can never have too many ladders, right? “Every 2 months” is shown as the most common subscription option to receive a new ladder, and I’m more than a little skeptical of that claim. But in case that doesn’t seem frequent enough, you’ve got plenty of convenient options:

Delivery frequency options, as low as “Every two weeks” for a freaking ladder.

I am extremely doubtful that anyone is actually using a subscribtion to this ladder, whether twice a year, or a ludicrous 26 times a year. I’m sure some people have subscribed to get the easy 5% discount, and then immediately canceled their subscription, but that doesn’t count. On the incredible off chance that some One Foot Tsunami reader out there has an active subscription to a ladder, I would very much like to know why.