The Silent Hyphen 

What an amazing quote.

The voters of New York’s 3rd district elected George Santos to be their Congressional representative. Since his election, significant parts of his biography have proven to be fradulent. For instance, rather than holding degrees from NYU and Baruch College, Santos instead has no college degree at all. He refers to this as “overstating on his resume”. That’s quite a thing to say, but it doesn’t come close to this amazing quote:

“I never claimed to be Jewish,” Santos told the Post. “I am Catholic. Because I learned my maternal family had a Jewish background I said I was ‘Jew-ish.’”

He said. He was. Jew. -ISH! Why, what did you hear?

This is just so stupid, but it’s also hilarious, and I need to focus on the ridiculous aspects of it in order to avoid sobbing. Still, this lie doesn’t hold up either. Try it for yourself, and you’ll find that there’s a definite pause required to say “I’m Jew-ish” vs. “I’m Jewish”. But who are we going to believe, Santos or our lying ears?