More on Naloxone 

Naloxone should be readily accessible.

Ideally, links posted here on OFT are fairly timeless. Today’s link, however, has a deadline coming up just next week. After yesterday’s post, reader Sam G. wrote in to say:

[T]he FDA currently is taking comments about a proposed rule change to make Naloxone available over-the-counter without a prescription. It’s probably worth giving that a shout-out.

And right Sam is. You can find the relevant FDA page here, and submit feedback by January 17. I’ve submitted my own comment (as an “Individual Consumer”), and I encourage you to do the same. Making naloxone more readily available will save lives.

As well, following the publication of yesterday’s post, I rapidly made a necessary edit related to likely inaccuracies with the initial police-related story I included. If you missed that update, it’s worth a look. The linked Slate article on Narcan, however, is still a good one.