A Hug Expressed in Bronze 

Ignore the haters and the clowns. “The Embrace” is a wonderful new addition.

In America’s oldest public park, a new monument honoring Martin Luther King Jr. and his wife Coretta has just been unveiled.

The new sculpture in Boston, entitled “The Embrace

The 20-foot-high sculpture is entited “The Embrace”, and it can be found just off Tremont Street in Boston Common. The work is modeled on a 1964 photo of the Kings, taken after they had just learned that Martin had won the Nobel Peace Prize.

The new sculpture in Boston, entitled “The Embrace

I love the mix of abstraction and realism here, as well as the idea of giving a hug a physical representation. I saw the new piece from a distance on the day of its unveiling, but I look forward to checking it out in person soon. Boston’s history when it comes to race and racism is less than stellar. “The Embrace” is a small step in the right direction.

Also, you might be thinking to yourself “This would’ve been a much more appropriate post for yesterday, which was Martin Luther King Jr. Day in America. Why on earth did he post about a lack of Danish bank robberies instead?”. If so, know that I am wondering the very same thing.