More Ways to Keep Up With One Foot Tsunami

Saturday housekeeping!

A Saturday post? It must be time for another round of weekend housekeeping.

Find One Foot Tsunami on Microblogging Services

Recently, I added some new options for following One Foot Tsunami. You can now find a link to each new OFT post on the following services:

These accounts are automatically updated with an easy link every time I publish to OFT. Follow them for an easy way to keep up with One Foot Tsunami.

While email is greatly preferred, most of these services can be also used to get in touch. No, not Facebook.

Suggested RSS Readers

I’ll also use this post to talk RSS readers, because RSS is still alive and great. Back at the end of 2017, I had to retract my 2013-era recommendation for NetNewsWire, as the app had been abandoned by its then-owners. Thankfully, my pal Brent Simmons has since regained ownership of his creation, and revived its development. NetNewsWire is now better than ever, and I heartily endorse it. Get it free for your Mac and/or iOS devices at

I also still recommend NewsBlur as a great RSS reader and backend. I use it as a syncing service inside of NetNewsWire, to keep feeds in sync across multiple devices.

Thanks For Reading

As always, I appreciate you spending a bit of your day with this site. However you connect to One Foot Tsunami, I hope you enjoy it.