The Emails Bounced 

Perhaps having a PR team might be useful.

Apparently, Teslas aren’t as secure as one would hope. Recently, two drivers managed to get into and drive each other’s vehicles. That’s not great!

Also not great? The failed attempts of Rajesh Randev, the driver who first took an incorrect vehicle, to reach anyone at Tesla:

Randev also sent the video footage and a description of the apparent malfunction to Tesla’s press email that same evening. In the message, which he shared with The Post, he wrote that he did not want to “affect the reputation of the company” by posting the video on social media or telling reporters before seeking a response from Tesla.

But Randev’s emails bounced, he said. He received a reply from Tesla’s press account that said its mailbox was full. He attempted to send the message to Tesla’s China press account and received a reply that said his message had been blocked.

“It’s very frustrating,” Randev said. “… I even tweeted [at CEO] Elon Musk.”

Musk dissolved Tesla’s PR department in 2020. He remains active on Twitter.