She Is Risen! 

We’ve clearly got some sort of a Thingette situation.

Recently, a human hand was found in the woods of Staten Island. Thought that was surely disconcerting for the dog walker who noticed it, a subsequent search turned up nothing further. Eventually, police used fingerprint analysis to determine the hand belonged to a woman who’d died in 2011 and been buried at a cemetery about a mile away.

[A]uthorities believe the hand was somehow separated from the woman’s body when the gravesite alongside hers was excavated for reburial on Feb. 27.

Police are not sure how the hand arrived in the woods from the cemetery, which is located approximately one mile from the location where the hand was discovered.

Personally, I think the answer is obvious, and it has little if anything to do with that recent excavation. After all, the burying ground in question is called “Resurrection Cemetery”.