He’s Tried Nothing and He’s All Out of Ideas 

Please note that Burchett’s children are home-schooled.

Rather than offering feckless “thoughts and prayers”, congressman Tim Burchett gave a more honest response to the recent school shooting in Nashville:

“It’s a horrible, horrible situation,” Burchett told reporters. “And we’re not gonna fix it. Criminals are gonna be criminals.”

Perhaps we should also abolish the laws which prohibit murder, theft, and any other crime. After all, what’s the point? Criminals are gonna be criminals, and improving society is hard, so why not just give up?

No. Instead, this idiotic failure of logic and leadership should be decried, and then Burchett and others like him should be voted out of office. When we finally manage to elect leaders who are willing to enact common-sense gun control, this headline might stop being perpetually relevant.