Happy Rebildfesten! 

They’ve had some impressive speakers over the years!

It’s Independence Day here in America, but also in one small area of Denmark, where the locals celebrate July 4th too. Learn all about Rebildfesten

Update (July 4, 2023): As friend-of-the-site Adam E. notes, the following paragraph betrays the fact that the linked article dates back to 2014:

Still, he says, political matters are rarely at issue now, partially because the Danes admired President Bill Clinton and supported the NATO force in Afghanistan. Nowadays, almost all attendees are happy to simply enjoy the festivities, soak in the scenery, and be merry.

Prior to posting, I did search for a more recent article on Rebildfesten, but came up dry. We’ll just have to enjoy the incongruity of the above text here in the future.