Bert Was a Piece of Work 

“He was a total clown.”

Signal is an end-to-end encrypted messaging platform that keeps your conversations secure as they travel across the internet. What it can’t do, and indeed what no system can do, is prevent your messages from being read when you text openly while standing in full view of a sportsbook surveillance system as you try to place a massive bet on a fairly obscure college baseball game.

[Bert] Neff was texting with Alabama baseball coach Brad Bohannon via the encrypted messaging app Signal while at the betting window, attempting to place the wager, the sources say. His texting was indiscreet, to the point that the book’s video surveillance cameras were able to zoom in on the details of Neff and Bohannon’s text exchange, making Bohannon’s name visible later in screenshots.

“[Video cameras] can see the [text] conversation back-and-forth,” a source familiar with the incident says. “It couldn’t have been any more reckless.”

Also, I don’t know a lot about gambling, but explaining that you have “inside information on the game” seems an unlikely way to get someone to take your bet.