Voice Control Takes on Classic Rock

The Voice Control feature on the iPhone 3GS lets me issue commands to the device, such as “Call Chris” or “Play songs by Bob Dylan”. When the phone is in my pocket and my headphones are on, this is a very handy way of interacting with the device, via the headphone clicker and mic.

A less hyped, but no less useful, benefit of Voice Control is the amusement to be had at hearing its not-infrequent mispronunciations. Click the Play buttons below to hear for yourself.

If the artist spelling is changed to the more phonetically-correct “Stix”, she gets it correct.

One of the greatest selling bands of all time, it’s Boston’s own “Era’s Myth”!

Of course, the word ‘wolf’ on its own is no problem. Nonetheless, this pronunciation is so absurd that I just may start pronouncing it as ‘wowlf’ myself.

My favorite thus far, however, is this:

Clearly, the lady Voice Control robot who lives inside my phone paid no notice to the title of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s debut album.