The Newest Tweet Tracker

There exist many sites that track tweets which users have “favorited” on Twitter. Fav’ing a tweet is something many of us do to tag tweets we find amusing, and sites like and the late, great track the funniest tweets out there.

In the course of reading my Twitter stream, however, I’m sometimes assaulted by a tweet that produces nausea instead of the desired laughter. This @texburgher tweet, for instance:

Texburgher Tweet

Gross! Or this one from @msteciuk:

Msteciuk Tweet

Foul! After seeing a few of these, it became clear that what the world needs is a site to track these disgusting tweets1. My friend Geoff, author of the first tweet above, assisted with a name: Barvd2.

Because I had nine dollars and zero sense, I bought the domain3. And because I have no actual follow-through on these dumb ideas, and also because the site has no real value, I haven’t done anything with it.

Until now, that is! Now, I’ve created a whole section on this site, and points there. At, you can see all the Bavrd posts, and email in suggestions of your own. Prepare to be disgusted by the Origins post and today’s companion post!


  1. And by “needs”, I of course mean “doesn’t need, at all”. ↩︎

  2. Try saying it out loud. ↩︎

  3. If you remember, you know this is the second Favrd-spoofing domain I’ve purchased. Do I secretly fear that Dean’s real reason for shuttering Favrd was me ripping off his name? Yes. Yes I do. I also fear I might have a problem with domain buying, so it’s probably for the best that Favrd is dead. ↩︎