Real or Fake?

For years, I’ve enjoyed a game with some friends called “Real or The Onion?”. To play, one person presents a headline or story and everyone else must decide if this is an actual story or merely a fabrication by that excellent humor site The Onion. Invariably, these stories are in fact real, but sound as if they belong in The Onion. I suppose it’s not really much of a game, so much as a pithier name for “the activity of linking to articles that should be fake, but are in actuality real”.

Now, however, I’ve decided to turn it into more of a game. Without only a little more ado, allow me to present the first edition of “Real or Fake?”. To play, just read a headline or story summary below, then decide if you think it’s a real story from a proper news site or a fake, from somewhere like The Onion.

Once you’ve made your pick, find out the truth. If you find yourself intrigued, or if you think I’m a filthy liar, click the link to read the full story. Now, let’s play!

So Is It…Real or Fake?

Britain Warned by Iran’s Foreign Minister That It Will “Get Slapped in the Mouth” if It Does Not “Stop the Nonsense”. (Answer)

December Named National Awareness Month (Answer)

Man in Diabetic Coma Tasered 11 Times by Cops for Being Unresponsive (Answer)

Escaped Convict Continues to Update Facebook (Answer)

Afghan Presidential Election A Celebration Of All Forms Of Government (Answer)

How’d you do? Shut up, no one cares. But if you find your own ridiculous “Should be fake, but it’s real” headline or story, send it my way.