Pizza. In A Cone. 

A ‘pizzacone’ seems like an idea that’s both interesting and disturbing. It’s popular enough that I can’t really consider it a Ridiculous Product.

The dough cones are shipped to Pinto daily from a Connecticut bakery, and each Pizzacone is made to order at the counter; you tell them what ingredients to add, and then it’s cooked in the oven for five minutes.

The result, according to one early guinea pig, is as convenient as it is delicious.

Reports don’t indicate that it’s the case, but I can’t help imagining that the middle of one of these is nothing but a lake of fire.

Update: I’ve just been pointed to this K!Pizzacone unboxing video, as well as the information that there are two sizes: K! and K!!. It’s unclear how the hell one orders that.