America’s Sexual Hang-Ups Extend to Snowmen 

After a recent snowstorm, Elisa Gonzalez and her family created a snowman that was a bit more lifelike than average. This artful snowman, or snowwoman to be more accurate, looked much like the famous statue of Venus De Milo. Soon enough, however, the police arrived to follow up an anonymous complaint.

Nude snowwoman

When the officer arrived, Gonzalez said, he was apologetic and appreciative of the snowlady and her assets. “He said, ‘It’s very good,'” Gonzalez recalled.

Despite his appreciation, the officer then asked the family to dress the snowlady. Nonplussed, they complied with a green bikini top and a blue sarong around her ample hips.

Snowwoman, in a bikini

I’m not quite sure where the line should be, but this was far from pornographic or obscene. Hell, the snowwoman didn’t even have nipples, let alone anything south of the equator. I definitely have to agree with Ms. Gonzalez, who said, “She looked more objectified and sexualized after you put the bikini on”.