Lindsay Lohan’s Subconscious Files a Lawsuit 

During the Super Bowl, E-Trade unveiled a new ad. In it, a boy is seen apologizing via video chat for not calling his girlfriend the previous night. The girlfriend is suspicious that he had another baby, a “milkaholic” named Lindsay, over, and sure enough, he did.

Now, Lindsay Lohan is suing E-Trade to get the ad removed from the airwaves. She’s also seeking monetary damages of $50 million in exemplary damages, plus another $50 million in compensatory damages.

Despite their legal claims, no one was talking about the baby being modeled after Lindsay Lohan. Now, in a perfect example of the Streisand Effect, everyone will be. What an idiot.

Lohan’s lawyer, Stephanie Ovadia, said the actress has the same single-name recognition as Oprah or Madonna.