Ridiculous Products: As Seen On TV Hat

This particular product is almost too ridiculous to mock. Upon first seeing it, it may be difficult to believe this actually exists. Sadly for all of us, it’s quite real.

In short, the As Seen On TV Hat is a hat (or visor!) with a shade attached to it. Insert a media player like an iPod or iPhone into the front of it, connect your headphones, and you can view your video in quiet, private comfort.

You know, when described that way, the As Seen On TV Hat doesn’t sound so bad…

The As Seen On TV Hat

Ah. Yes.

Look at that thing! It’s like something out of science-fiction. It would fit perfectly into a dystopian future where humanity is addicted to television1, oblivious to the world around them.

What sort of features does The As Seen On TV Hat have? In addition to providing the choice between a hat or a visor, there’s also the adjustable HD lens. This is more commonly known as a magnifying glass. And better yet-

No. No, I’m sorry, I have to stop. I simply can’t waste any additional words trying to detail the stupidity. Instead, allow me to simply present some pictures from their commercial. This is how they recommend using the As Seen On TV Hat.

Camping and using the As Seen On TV Hat
Avoid the wonders of nature!

At the gym, using the As Seen On TV Hat
Get noticed at the gym!

Crazy at the airport while using the As Seen On TV Hat
Laugh like a lunatic at the airport!

Using the As Seen On TV Hat at the beach!
Or just wear the world’s most ridiculous hat to the beach!

Maybe the vendors know exactly what they’re doing. Perhaps they’re trying to sell gag gifts or trick grandmothers into buying a worthless product for their iPod-loving gran-WAIT! Hang on a second!

Is this guy on their site using the As Seen On TV Hat while riding a real bike?

Man riding a real bike and using the As Seen On TV Hat

Ok, they’re in on the joke.


  1. Fine, fine, “even more addicted to television”. ↩︎