Where Does the ‘J’ Come From, Anyway? 

Thanks to this tweet from my friend Neven Mrgan, “vajazzling” has reappeared on my radar. If you’re unfamiliar, this is the practice of a woman removing all her pubic hair, then replacing it with Swarovski crystals.

Yes, really.

I first saw mention of “vajazzling”1 back in January, after Jennifer Love Hewitt talked about in the press. The above link, however, features actual images (semi-safe for work) of the process and result. They are…weird.

Seeing all this, I’m tempted to start my own take on the trend. I might just need to get down to New York City and see if this spa is up for some pedazzling.


  1. I’m going to continue putting quotes around the word until it stops making me so uncomfortable. So, pretty much forever. ↩︎