Godspeed, You Poor Wet Bastards!

Earlier this month, New England got so much rain that Boston.com detailed how to build an ark. The underground garage in my condo complex flooded during those storms, causing a fair amount of damage.

With several more days of rain in the forecast and a statewide emergency declared, many residents were no doubt worried about another set of serious problems. Thankfully, our mailing list received a soothing email from our property manager:

  • I have spoken to the City of Cambridge about the storm water drain systems in the area. They have reconfirmed there could be a problem in the next 24-48 hours with storm water back-up.

    They also confirmed there is nothing they can do about it and wished us good luck.

Despite cutbacks in services due to the economic downturn, we can rest easy knowing that the city’s Department of Wishing Everyone Luck is fully-staffed. So thank you, Cambridge city officials. I feel much better now.