The Airplane Repo Man 

I’ve apparently got an aviation theme going for today. This article tells the story of airplane repo man Nick Popovich, supreme badass. When a company can’t keep up on the payments for a $100 million dollar plane, and they refuse to give it back, Popovich shows up to get it.

I first read about Popovich via Air and Space Magazine, but the above-linked Salon article from last year is an even better read. Take this opening tale of grabbing a plane guarded by white supremacists:

“When we went to grab the plane, one of them came out with his weapon drawn and tells us we better get out of there.” Undeterred, Popovich continued toward the plane until he felt a gun resting on his temple.

“You move another inch and I’ll blow your fucking head off,” the gravel-and-nicotine voice told Popovich.

“Well, you better go ahead and shoot, ’cause I’m grabbing that plane.”

A shot was discharged in the air.

The gravel-and-nicotine voice again. “I’m not kidding.”

“Then do it already.”

I’m surprised these planes can even take off, weighed down as they are by Popovich’s massive stones.