Barvd: March 2010

Barvd is now a monthly feature (What’s Barvd?), appearing at the beginning of each month to show the foulest tweets of the past month. So today’s installment features the most disgusting tweets from the month of March. And new this month, commentary!

adamisacson Tweet

I’ve run marathons. At the end, if you did it right and left it all on the course, you feel horrible. Your body hates you, and the contents of your stomach are threatening to make a re-appearance. Even with that in mind, I think this particular marathon would make me much, much sicker.

jasonpermenter Tweet

Body odor on its own is fairly gross, but the idea of actually swallowing it? That’s truly revolting.

luckyshirt Tweet

Humans have a visceral retching reaction to sour milk. I never thought a tweet would cause the same reaction, but here I am, stomach lurching.

antichrista Tweet

If you get a dreadlock in your beer, you get yourself a new beer. That’s just a rule to live by.

awryone Tweet

I refuse to comment on this tweet. I do not, however, refuse to share its horrors with you.

So there they are, the most appalling tweets of March. If you’ve spotted a disgusting tweet, why not nominate it for April? Submit a link, then check back at the beginning of May.

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