A Different Kind of Pub Crawl 

Apparently, pub crawls aren’t limited to the college-aged crowd, at least in Canada.

Montreal is a city with a rich, colourful history when it comes to clubbing. But nothing quite matches the semi-annual pub crawl of the women of Fulford nursing home, under the careful chaperone of the Montreal police force.

Montreal's Pub Crawl
“No, Ma’am, I’m not the Grim Reaper.”

The idea of octo- and nona-genarians going out boozing is certainly fun, but I must take issue with the description of this as a “pub crawl”. A true pub crawl should include visits to no fewer than five different bars. At the very least, one must travel from the first bar to a second bar. These ladies, however, didn’t even get beyond their first stop.

Hurley’s was the only stop on Tuesday’s pub crawl, in keeping with the tradition of keeping it short and simple – a trip out to one destination for two hours, then back home.

Then again, this was a group of superannuated drinkers, at least one of whom had actually chosen to leave her wheelchair behind so as to attend the outing. Knowing that, I suppose it’s quite possible they had to do a different, more traditional, kind of crawling.